Advantages of Using a Broker

November 20, 2014

Even though it doesn’t cost me anything extra, what are the advantages of going through a broker?

That is correct. There is no additional charge to you for using a professional broker. As an independent agent, our brokers are able to find the best plan which will best fit your specific needs and budget. An independent broker will listen to your needs (and not the needs of a captive “company” agent). Our professional agents can help you understand the real life scenarios of your plan choice. They can even help create a comprehensive package with accident, dental and supplemental products to fill in all the gaps. An agent can help you understand all aspects of your coverage.

Service. If you have a question in your billing, a recent move, an addition to your family etc. it’s nice to have a dedicated number to help you. Why wait on hold for a massive insurance company operator when one call to VelaPoint can usually get you the information you need. Our agents and dedicated Customer Service team provide unequalled service levels throughout the entire industry.

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